To all my friends and family, who have eaten whatever I’ve plonked in front of them and have dutifully posed in photos – thank you, for you are the inspiration that keeps me cooking!

Special thanks to my wonderful family, who prove that nothing is impossible. You have helped shaped me to be who I am today, and I wouldn’t be here without you Dad, Mamma B, Pop P, Steph, Patricia & Lisa.

My deepest thanks to my husband/manager/editor, who always inspires me to be the best person I can be. I love your compassion for those around you, your gentle kind-heartedness, and your cheeky wit that always makes me laugh. You are strong where I am weak – we really are a great team, and I’m so blessed to have you in my life.

This blog wouldn’t be possible without my Mum/programmer/IT help desk. Ok she didn’t actively teach me to cook, but she’s the brains behind this blog. Thank you for being the best role model to me and Steph in cultivating a life of character. You have taught us to never give up, to never stop learning, and to always find joy, no matter what you’re faced with. Because of this, your life is a testimony of your persistence, dedication, patience and self-sacrifice.

And now, you’ve hosted this blog, translated computer-speak for me, and patiently answered my bemused texts at 1am in the morning. I don’t know any other mother who could do this. You’re the PC doctor to all your friends, you have your own server, and you love your PS3 video games (Call of Duty and Stardust, anyone?). So thank you, mum, for being you.

Finally, my deepest gratitude to my Saviour Jesus Christ, to whom I owe my life. Through all that I do, may I continue to know You, and let You be known…

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