Recipe: Tokwa’t Baboy

Tofu & Pork Salad

Disclaimer I use the term salad very loosely. Token greens in the form of finely chopped spring onions? Check. Brown onions and garlic are vegetables, right? Tofu is healthy…. before it is shallow-fried that is. And the hero of the dish is juicy bite-size pieces of pork belly. Now that is my kind of salad!

Just delicious served with lugao, arrozcaldo or congee

A dish featuring traditional Pinoy flavours with its perfectly balanced, garlicky vinegar sauce, Tokwa Baboy is comfort food at its finest. It takes me back to my childhood when, arriving home from school, I would be greeted with the distinctive aroma of tofu frying… It was tokwa baboy night! It worked for Mum to cos it was dinner on a budget, and it was something we all loved (especially Dad; you had him with pork belly and fried tofu).
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