Recipe: Forgotten Pudding

Forgotten Pudding is a wonderfully unusual dessert. For a start, it’s not quite the traditional pudding of the sticky date variety that you’re used to. Rather, the star and foundation is a meringue layer that’s been slow-cooked, resulting in a marshmallow-y texture that’s still moist and creamy. Topped with whipped cream, vibrant berries and smears of tart passionfruit, it’s a wonderful summer dessert that pays homage to the classic Pavlova, but without the fear of failure (slow-cooking surely guarantees success!).

Forgtten pudding in all its glory!

Like the name suggests, part of the cooking process includes conveniently “forgetting” about the meringue in the oven to allow it to cook overnight. There’s no prodding or inserting of skewers to check if it’s done. You literally leave it to cook while you catch up on the more exciting things in life like sleep or the next episode of My Kitchen Rules (please don’t judge me).
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Anzac Biscuit Ice-Cream Sandwich

Anzac biscuit ice-cream sandwich

I love Anzac biscuits, especially when they’re crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle. But give me an ice-cream sandwich and I’m in heaven. Biscuit AND ice-cream?! Yes please! I’m a sucker for Monaco bars (vanilla ice-cream and chocolate biscuit), Toll House (vanilla ice-cream sandwiched between two huge Toll House choc-chip cookies), even a Maxibon (half chocolate, half biscuit, that’s gold).
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Recipe: Raspberry Layered Cake

Raspberry Layered Cake!

Last Saturday I had the privilege of attending the dedication* of baby Maya Louise. Surrounded by their close family and friends, it was such a special day for the proud parents and my good friends Anna and Josh. They had not only invited my husband and I to witness their special occasion, but also asked me to bake a cake too. I was so honoured, but slightly nervous at the prospect, as the cake was for 40 of their guests.

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Recipe: Summer Berry Tart

Summer Berry Tart

I hope you’re enjoying this Easter long weekend and the gorgeous weather – I can’t believe it’s actually HOT here in Sydney. Finally, summer’s paid us a perfectly timed visit over the long weekend. So in celebration, here’s the recipe for a Summer Berry Tart. I made this dessert for the Wedding Feast (see my previous post) – the meal needed something fresh and light, the chilled lemony cream cheese providing cool relief for hot days like this.

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