This blog isn’t just for those who want to cook, or for those who have children. Instead, I hope to be a small source of joy, to encourage and inspire you with your own journey.

I love sharing food. Whether it’s a quiet night in with my husband and daughter, a get together with family, or a boisterous gathering of friends, there’s nothing better than sharing life over a meal. I also appreciate food that is cooked well; it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, but there is nothing better than a meal prepared with respect and an attitude of excellence.

I also love my family. I’ve been married to Pat since 2011, and our sweet daughter Cheeky was born in May 2013. Parenthood has been the greatest learning experience yet, and it’s far from over. It’s been overwhelming, the joy, the pain, and the sleepless nights (oh the sleepless nights…), but Cheeky is growing up so quickly.

I’m treasuring every precious moment no matter how sweet or sour it is. With my heart on my virtual sleeve, may I present this sweet madness called motherhood and marriage!

Mumaria xx

2 thoughts on “About

  1. “….there’s nothing better than sharing life over a meal.” = so true!

    I just came across your gorgeous blog (via wordpress.org). Congrats on your new blog! Looking forward to more delicious food pics and recipes :)

    I know very little about the slow food movement, but reading your blog brought that to mind. Thank you for the delicious inspiration!


    • Thank you Carmelita! It’s such a joy to hear that you’re enjoying the blog. And I really appreciate you leaving a comment sharing your thoughts – keep them coming!

      x Maria

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