Explore: Blue Mountains (Part 1 of 2)

Six-month Wedding Monthaversary Getaway

happy monthaversary... eating time!

My husband and I have a tradition of celebrating monthaversaries that began when we started dating all those years ago. I was in the middle of first-year uni final exams when he first asked me out. Being the conscientious student that I was, I made him wait until all my exams were over before we went out on a proper date. It turned out that our first date also coincided with our first monthaversary. And so it began… after patiently waiting for me, Patrick took me out on our very first date. So thereafter, once a month for the next nine years, we’d take turns planning monthaversary date nights. It never had to be fancy – the most important thing was that together we’d take time to stop, relax, and simply enjoy each other’s company.
After nine years of dating we got married last year, and our monthaversary celebrations have joyfully continued. So for our 6-month wedding monthaversary, my lovely husband went all out and planned a trip for us to the Blue Mountains (in return, I made him Red Velvet – a fair exchange, would you agree?!)


Eat: Mash Café

giddy with caffeine from our first shot of coffee for the weekend (large organic flat white $4.50)

Our first stop on the Great Western Highway was lunch at Glenbrook – a suburb situated at the foot of the mountains. One of Patrick’s friends recommended Mash Café for its organic coffee and all-day breakfast (he had me at piccolo). The peace and tranquility of a country cottage nestled amongst the gum trees – we couldn’t think of a better way to spend our Sunday afternoon. With the quiet murmur of neighbouring guests, we felt like worlds away from home. The crisp air and spattering of autumn drizzle added to the cosiness of Mash Café.
We ordered our usual large flat white and piccolo, followed by lunch – a Mexican chicken burger (mine) and mushrooms and spinach on toasted Turkish, with an extra poached egg, chipolata sausages and two crispy hash browns (Patrick let me order for him and I let my growling stomach do the talking).
Our coffees arrived quickly (strong and mildly bitter) and went down a treat.

organic piccolo $3.30

Then came our meals.

All-day breakfast! Mushroom and spinach on Turkish $10 Extras (each): chipolatas $4, egg $1.50, hash $2.50

Patrick’s was an impressive mountain of much-loved breakfast favourites, which I forlornly stared at until he shared a chipolata sausage and hash brown. Yum! He thoroughly enjoyed the balance of healthy stuff (poached egg, mushroom and spinach) and indulgence (hash and sausage).

Mexican chicken burger - chicken breast, sour cream, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, capsicum and sweet chili sauce $17.50

Mine seemed to pale in comparison – the burger and chips looked minuscule. It probably didn’t help that I was ravenous – did you see how many sides I ordered “for my husband”? I spoke way too soon though – the portion size was spot on and didn’t induce a fat hangover. The chicken burger was packed with flavour and I easily polished it off. Though I wasn’t sure how Mexican the sweet chili sauce was, the burger was still delicious.
We both enjoyed our meals and lingered at our table for quite some time after. The food was beautifully simple, using fresh, quality ingredients that were cooked really well.

Mash Café

19 Ross Street
Open 7 days for breakfast and lunch
Mash Cafe on Urbanspoon

Explore: Naini Tal Bed and Breakfast

After lunch, we continued on to Wentworth Falls. I really like the drive up the mountains with the gently winding highway and breath-taking views either side, it felt like we were on top of the world.
After almost an hour of driving, we finally arrive at Naini Tal Bed and Breakfast. We passed slowly over the gravel driveway and let out appreciative gasps – it was a sandstone wonderland with wrap-around verandas and sweeping manicured gardens. We couldn’t wait to explore. Jenny, the proprietor, welcomed us in and gave us a tour of her beautiful home.

Home for the night

Our room was huge, spanning the entire width of the house. It featured 3 (THREE!) gabled windows, with views over the picturesque country garden and the neighbouring golf-course. It was heaven.

The Almora Room - who wouldn't love the French-provincial theme

In the late afternoon, we started to feel the chill of the mountain air (Wentworth Falls, elevation 867 metres) so we happily obliged by rugging up and settling in for our charming stay.

A room with a gorgeous view

Naini Tal Bed & Breakfast

94 Wentworth Avenue
Wentworth Falls NSW 2782
Phone (02) 4757 4003


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