Eat: The Bottle of Milk, Lorne

Lorne, Victoria

Lorne is a picture-perfect coastal town along the famous Great Ocean Road, just two hours from Melbourne. Serving as the halfway mark of our scenic drive to Port Campbell, my husband and I enjoyed a stopover at Lorne’s Bottle of Milk – a beach cafe icon, famous for phenomenal burgers and blissfully tasty chips.

A perfect day for the perfect chips

By doing the simple things exceptioinally well, the Bottle of Milk is on to a winner. Though they may only do burgers, chips and coffee, they’ve got all three down pat. Their burger menu is extensive – beef, chicken, pork, vegetarian and mini versions to keep the kiddies happy. Their chips come with an array of yummy home-made sauces. And last but not least, their coffee by Seven Seeds is exceptionally good, goes down strong and smooth and is a great complement to their milk bar style fare.

Way cool... coffee to go

The Bottle of Milk Menu

We arrived at the Bottle of Milk to find it buzzing with activity, suprising as we arrived in the late afternoon thinking the lunchtime crowd would surely be gone by then. A row of umbrella-covered large tables skirting the pavement were filled with several groups relaxing and chattering away. Some were with dogs, others poring over a weekend newspaper, and all very much enjoying the idyllic sun-drenched outdoors replete with beachsprayed air and the faint roar of distant crashing waves.

We ventured inside and sat at a large wooden communal table in the middle of a quaint dining room. After a friendly waiter took our order, we happily sat and peoplewatched, gazing through large windows at families and friends, both young and old, seated in the fading sunlight and catching up over burgers and coffee. This laid-back beachside culture was positively infectious.


In next to no time our food arrived. Our waiter skillfully navigated through the bustling crowd with the poise and balance of a ballerina, gracefully setting our burgers infront of us. They were huge! Our towering burgers teetered precariously yet didn’t topple over, thanks largely to the ingenious toothpicks that skewered the contents together. I ordered the Hell Yeah and it sure lived up to its name. The 100% pure Australian beef patty was lean yet tender and juicy, laid to rest on a bed of iceberg lettuce, cheese, beetroot, pineapple and tomato, topped with house mayo and a tangy tomato relish. Patrick ordered the Fire Engine, a burger that packed a punch with lashings of homemade chili sauce.

My Hell Yeah

I gripped my burger with both hands, and I struggled to open my mouth wide enough to bite through all the layers. It was utterly delicious. Burgers don't get any better than this. While annihilating my burger, I eventually noticed that the waiter had brought our chips. When did these arrive? So I distractedly munched on a golden baton and turned my attention back to my burger, when my tastebuds did a double take. Hey… these chips are perfect! Crisp and crunchy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside, I’m in chippy heaven.

Now THIS is a burger!

The Bottle of Milk have scored a winning trifecta of incredible burgers, chips and coffee, using only the freshest and finest of locally sourced ingredients. Definitely worth the visit =)

The Bottle Of Milk on Urbanspoon

The Bottle of Milk

52 Mountjoy Parade
Lorne, Victoria

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