Explore: Blue Mountains (Part 2 of 2)

Eat: Silk’s Brasserie, Leura

We recently went on a short getaway to the Blue Mountains as part of our 6 month wedding monthaversary. We had only two things on our agenda – to relax, and to eat (of course, duh). Sadly, our first two choices for dinner were closed Sundays (we’re not in Newtown anymore Toto). So after a quick and desperate scan of Urbanspoon, we made a snap decision and booked a table at Silk’s Brasserie, Leura.
Driving in to Leura on a Sunday night, the streets were so quiet that it felt like we were the only ones still awake. However, as we drove down the deserted main street, from a distance we spotted the front window of Silk’s glowing like a beacon. The lack of humans meant we quickly found parking, and we quickly skipped towards the welcoming warmth of the restaurant. We were greeted with a smile and ushered into a charming room that belonged to a by-gone era, complete with black-and-white checkerboard flooring and an old-time bar.

The menu was French inspired, with Asian influences – we couldn’t wait to get started.
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Explore: Blue Mountains (Part 1 of 2)

Six-month Wedding Monthaversary Getaway

happy monthaversary... eating time!

My husband and I have a tradition of celebrating monthaversaries that began when we started dating all those years ago. I was in the middle of first-year uni final exams when he first asked me out. Being the conscientious student that I was, I made him wait until all my exams were over before we went out on a proper date. It turned out that our first date also coincided with our first monthaversary. And so it began… after patiently waiting for me, Patrick took me out on our very first date. So thereafter, once a month for the next nine years, we’d take turns planning monthaversary date nights. It never had to be fancy – the most important thing was that together we’d take time to stop, relax, and simply enjoy each other’s company.
After nine years of dating we got married last year, and our monthaversary celebrations have joyfully continued. So for our 6-month wedding monthaversary, my lovely husband went all out and planned a trip for us to the Blue Mountains (in return, I made him Red Velvet – a fair exchange, would you agree?!)
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Unforgettable Red Velvet Cake

With white chocolate cream cheese icing

How time flies! Earlier this week we celebrated six months of wedded bliss. Though we have been together for almost 10 years, these six months of marriage have been by far our greatest adventure yet, and it’s been so much fun.|
I have always made Patrick a cake for his birthdays, and I believe baking a cake is such a great way to celebrate our special milestones. So over the weekend I thought I’d start a new tradition – I thought “Hey I’ll make a Red Velvet Cake to celebrate our 6th monthaversary. Any excuse really.”

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Anzac Biscuit Ice-Cream Sandwich

Anzac biscuit ice-cream sandwich

I love Anzac biscuits, especially when they’re crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle. But give me an ice-cream sandwich and I’m in heaven. Biscuit AND ice-cream?! Yes please! I’m a sucker for Monaco bars (vanilla ice-cream and chocolate biscuit), Toll House (vanilla ice-cream sandwiched between two huge Toll House choc-chip cookies), even a Maxibon (half chocolate, half biscuit, that’s gold).
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Recipe: Raspberry Layered Cake

Raspberry Layered Cake!

Last Saturday I had the privilege of attending the dedication* of baby Maya Louise. Surrounded by their close family and friends, it was such a special day for the proud parents and my good friends Anna and Josh. They had not only invited my husband and I to witness their special occasion, but also asked me to bake a cake too. I was so honoured, but slightly nervous at the prospect, as the cake was for 40 of their guests.

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Eat: Oscillate Wildly

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About a month ago I sat my final exam for the CA (if you don’t know what that means, consider yourself lucky) - a post-grad accounting course that’s taken me a grueling 6 years to complete. However, I’ve learnt loads and it’s essential for my day job, which pays the bills and supports my food habit. In all honesty, I really enjoy my job in finance, so I’m glad I did it.
To say that it was a massive relief to finish is a bit of an understatement. I feel so free! So free, I finally got to start this blog! And we had an excuse to celebrate with a bang by finally visiting Oscillate Wildly, Newtown. Ok so we ate there just before I got my results back, but thankfully, I passed the exam and officially became a CA. Phew!

That smile says it all - eagerly anticipating the night ahead...

Oscillate Wildly is one creative place. Ok, so they’ve been around for years… and for good reason. These days, they offer a nine course degustation - everyone at every table gets served nine courses of food – so the only decision you get to make is what to drink and whether to have the bonus course (dingdingding!).

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Café: The Grounds of Alexandria

The Grounds of Alexandria

The other day I realised that I could count, on one hand, how many times my husband and I had gone out for breakfast in our local area. And we’ve been living in Sydney’s inner-west for almost six months. Tragic. So when my workmate Linh sent me a link to a café that was opening in Alexandria, I made a point to visit them for breakfast with Patrick (hubby) and Lisa (sis-in-law) on Easter Saturday.

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Recipe: Summer Berry Tart

Summer Berry Tart

I hope you’re enjoying this Easter long weekend and the gorgeous weather – I can’t believe it’s actually HOT here in Sydney. Finally, summer’s paid us a perfectly timed visit over the long weekend. So in celebration, here’s the recipe for a Summer Berry Tart. I made this dessert for the Wedding Feast (see my previous post) – the meal needed something fresh and light, the chilled lemony cream cheese providing cool relief for hot days like this.

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Entertain: Wedding Feast

Roasted beetroot & goats cheese salad

Slow cooked pork belly and hasselback potatoes

Summery berry tart


Beetroot and goats cheese salad, roast potato and slow cooked pork, and summer berry tart

Here we go… My very first post! I’m going to start off by writing about the one thing I absolutely love… Cooking for people!

From start to finish, I really enjoy the whole process of planning the menu and sourcing ingredients, to setting a beautiful table and finally plating up. When a few of our friends came over for lunch, I couldn’t wait, especially since this was part of our wedding reception.

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